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Our pristine spring water is naturally alkaline and bottled right at the source. It is micron filtered and UV treated to ensure you get the cleanest, purest water available. With naturally occurring minerals and zero additives, each bottle of Green2O helps keep you hydrated when you’re on the go.

Our special bottle is 100% recyclable, and it biodegrades in landfills much faster than most. So, when you’re on the go and can't find a recycling bin, don’t worry about it sitting in a landfill forever. It won’t!

Better for your body and for the environment. That’s what we call peace of mind hydration.TM


the water


Your body deserves nothing but the best, and that’s exactly what it will get with Green2O. We searched the country to find the purest, crispest, most lip-smackingly refreshing spring water available anywhere – then we packaged it in an environmentally friendly bottle. Whether you’re at the yoga studio, the office or anywhere in between, Green2O is your go to source for peace of mind hydration™.

100% All Natural | 7.8 pH Nutrition Facts

Socially Responsible Water


nature's pure water

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Green2O is premium hydration that you can feel good about – because it’s better for your body and for the environment.

Recycable - BPA Free - Made in USA

Each year, billions of plastic bottles end up in landfills. Nearly all of them will take thousands of years to break down, if they do at all – but Green2O is different. Our special bottle breaks down much more quickly in a landfill environment*.

When you’re on the go and can’t find a recycling bin, rest assured knowing that your bottle of Green2O will biodegrade in a landfill. It’s our way of thanking Mother Earth for providing life-sustaining natural spring water.

To learn more about our biodegradable bottle, check out our FAQ page.

*32.7% Biodegradation within 10 months in simulated landfill conditions (excludes cap and label)

The Bottle

our story

We’re all about creating better choices for people and the planet. Learn all about our founder’s story and what we’re doing to make our community a better place to live.


Frank Ditucci is an environmentalist, fitness enthusiast, free-thinker and problem-solver. As a self-described “health nut”, Frank has spent years observing people’s behavior in city streets, natural food markets, gyms and everywhere in between. Over time, he came to realize a massive environmental problem – plastic bottles are everywhere, and they are polluting our planet at a disturbing pace. Never one to sit back and accept the status quo, he knew there had to be a better way.

After researching alternatives for the mass market plastic bottles that clog our landfills, Frank found an innovative solution – biodegradable bottles. He also found a source for incredibly pure, naturally alkaline spring water that would be as kind to consumers as the bottles are to the environment. Putting two and two together, Frank envisioned a next-generation water company that would provide premium hydration for people and a sustainable solution for the planet.

At just 20 years of age, Frank turned his vision into a reality by launching Green2O. Since then, it has become his mission to position his company as the most transparent and socially responsible water company in the world.

cause & effect

At Green2O, we are as passionate about changing our community as we are about protecting our environment. That is why we have partnered with Newark Yoga Movement, a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to providing a positive, healthy outlet for children in urban areas. Through their innovative program, Newark Yoga Movement teaches yoga to thousands of children each week at no cost, helping them reach their true potential with increased focus, peacefulness and confidence.

As dedicated partners of Newark Yoga Movement, Green2O provides free bottles of our naturally alkaline spring water to the children that they serve. This not only provides them with proper hydration during their yoga classes, but also teaches them the importance of making healthy choices in their diet. Our financial contributions help sponsor many children each month. Together, Green2O and Newark Yoga Movement hope to make an impact by reducing childhood obesity and motivating a new generation to get active.

To learn more about the Newark Yoga Movement, and find out how you can get involved, please visit

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